Why this blog?

Climate change is happening.  We are starting to see the impact of climate change.   Climate is changing dramatically in many parts of the world.  Sea Levels are rising.  Weather is getting more extreme.

There is tremendous focus on Climate change.  There is far less focus and information on what we can and should be doing to protect our cities from the impacts of climate change, extreme weather, and sea level rise.


I believe that we must engage and develop better solutions to protect against the impacts of climate change.    We should be putting our best thinking towards saving our cities and people homes.  It morally and economically imperative that we act.

I live in Miami Beach.  I have lived and worked in Dubai and marbled at the man-made Palm islands.   I recently visited the land reclamation and water removal systems in the Netherlands. I have good friends who just managed to survive Hurricane Irma in St. Martin.  I am a Stanford Engineer (BS and MS) and a Harvard MBA.  I’ve been a successful entrepreneur.  I know Man has reshaped the Earth, I know we can solve problems and create and implement solutions. I understand the issues of politics, land use, risk, insurance, and religion. Well, perhaps not completely, but enough to get started and continue to learn.  I am doing this because I can.   If we don’t act, we will fail.  If see act, we will mistakes, but he will continue to learn and advance.



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